good morning

Do you have a sense of how the day will unfold before you've even opened your eyes? My checklist starts the moment I begin to surface: have I slept well - do I smell burning toast (or worse, the smell of old burning crumbs) - what's with the noise? - is it raining? Then there's a nebulous sense of uneasy discomfort that's sometimes present, as expressed in Jenny Holzer's plaque. It's funny and true and self-indulgent so I typed it out and have it propped to remind me, maybe, to chill.

Once I'm up the worst is over. Unless there's no milk for coffee (or worse, no coffee) or we have visitors and I'm expected to speak, smile and make breakfast all at once. But there are things that reliably make for a good morning. Sitting outside is one of them - in silence, with coffee and an egg or two, sourdough toast or, on a weekend, a warmed croissant. The iron tang of a frosty morning is as appealing to me as the wet green of a spring day and with a bit of air, warm coffee and diverting birdly antics, I'll be happier by the minute.

Then there is light. The low slant of a winter morning or hot yellow of a hot summer day are the spurs I need to get up and get out. I stalk light around the house with my camera. It's elusive, forcing me to work fast and, at the same time, to look.  

A good morning is a fine thing. What do you need to make your morning sing? I'd love to know.

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Reader Comments (2)

Well hello Kate! I was just doing a quick review in the forum and came across your little note to me saying you'd signed up with SquareSpace and I wanted to see how you made out. It's beautiful! Your photography is great. Best of luck to you :)
April 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKristyne
hello Kate : ) you have a blog! it's beautiful! so pleased i found it (via flickr).
i love joni mitchell and esp Chelsea morning too.
hope you got my message re meet up. would love to find a time very soon to pop over and catch up perhaps with some sewing and cake?
speak to you soon
ginny x
June 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterginny

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